Alabama Transportation Institute

Work across campus

Initially, the Institute embraces the activities of four existing and one emerging research centers at UA:

  • The Transportation Policy Research Center is dedicated to the development of unbiased information for use in preparing strategic and long-range plans for the state’s complex transportation infrastructure, and for developing important policies to guide decision makers.
  • The Center for Advanced Public Safety is an information technology producer, a systems integrator and a technology research organization with the goal of producing safety data analytics and developing novel roadside reporting, screening and enforcement technologies. Its products are used by Alabama state agencies.
  • The Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies is dedicated to the advancement of vehicle technologies with a major focus on autonomous vehicle technologies.
  • The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure is a focal point for research and development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including mitigating the effects of natural hazards.
  • The University Transportation Center of Alabama has a recognized history of dedication to safety and management of transportation systems.

Other areas on campus with involvement include: