Researchers from across the University span engineering, sciences, social science disciplines from departments including:

Biological Sciences

Faculty and students in biological sciences specialize in ecology and biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems, including the anthropogenic influences impacting largescale watersheds, as well as coastal and marine systems.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Researchers in chemical and biological engineering study membrane separations, toxic compound extraction, and the energy-food-water nexus.

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Key research areas include climate and climate change impacts; fate and transport of contaminants in the environment; bio-contaminant removal; global water, sanitation, and hygiene; stormwater and emerging contaminants; and water and wastewater treatment.

Computer Science

Computer scientists are on the leading edge of using data analytics, high-performance computing and social intelligence across a wide range of research fields.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty and students in electrical and computer engineering are studying bio-contaminant removal as well as remote sensing of snow and moisture.

Geological Sciences

Researchers in geological sciences integrate ground and surface water research linking atmospheric, surface, and subsurface processes to address and predict long-term changes in hydrology.


Geography professors and students focus on hydrological modeling, fluvial process, water law and policy as well as remote sensing and GIS.


Researchers in mathematics specialize in computational and mathematical modeling and have also contributed to research related to water.