About the Alabama Water Institute

The creation of the Alabama Water Institute shows how committed The University of Alabama is to the future of water research. We are thrilled to have so many researchers and collaborators on our campus who can help develop solutions for better water quality for people in our area, state, nation and around the world.

AWI focuses on supporting various water resources including freshwater and marine waterways, marshes, estuaries and coastal areas. We want to find new ways and innovative solutions for complex water management, and that’s why we continue to bring in the most experienced and talented faculty and student researchers. It’s also why we partner with so many agencies, including the NOAA National Water Center, which is located on our campus, and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

Our University is leading many efforts to enhance remote sensing capabilities, hydrosystems research and water management through the creation of new centers under the umbrella of AWI. They support the campus in efforts to promote applied research and knowledge gains in areas of remote sensing, biodiversity of aquatic systems, hydro-informatics and disaster management.

The University of Alabama has a rich tradition of academic success, such as being one of the top 25 universities for producing Fulbright scholars. That level of excellence extends to all of UA, and we’re committed to raising the bar in our quest for better water for all.

We’re experiencing changing climatic conditions and extreme weather events that threaten the health and safety of people and create economic hardships for their families and communities. However, our mission is to empower decision makers and stakeholders with knowledge and providing actionable solutions for those water challenges. We want to make a better tomorrow for all mankind.