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In order be become an affiliated member with the Alabama Water Institute, you have to complete the AWI registration process. The handout below explains what is necessary to complete the registration process. The link below will guide you the the online registration form.

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Currently Affiliated Members

Name Title Institution/Department/College Keywords
Ahmad Ijaz Executive Director Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER), Culverhouse College of Business economic analysis, economic impact, economic forecasting, state data center, demographic and socio-economic analysis
Aijun Song Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering acoustic signal processing, ocean acoustics, environmental sensing
Amanda Koh Assistant Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering Material interfaces, surfactants, functional foams, soft robotics, stretchable electronics
Anathbandhu (Andy) Chaudhuri Assistant Professor Biological Sciences Toxicology, Environmental neurotoxicants, Reproductive Biology, Neurobiology
Ann C. Arnold Hydrogeologist II Geological Survey of Alabama hydrogeologist, Principal Investigator for National Groundwater Monitoring Network (USGS), Alabama Real-Time water well network
April Nabors PhD Candidate Civil and Environmental Engineering, UAB Environmental Engineer Drinking Water Treatment
Arial Shogren Post Doctoral Fellow and Visiting Scholar Biological Sciences Stream and watershed ecology, biogeochemistry, ecohydrology
Becky Larson Assistant Professor Health Science/Human Environmental Sciences sustainable food systems, environmental health, school health and nutrition, health and nutrition for individuals with disabilities, food insecurity, and culture in food and nutrition
Bennett Bearden Adjunct Professor Geography/Arts & Sciences Water Policy
Water Law
Water Policy and Legal Analysis
Public Policy Development
Water Diplomacy
Transboundary Water Conflict
Interstate and Instrastate “water wars”
Food-Energy-Water Nexus
Water Quality and Quantity
Science-Policy-Law Interfaces
International Water Law and Policy
Mekong River
Southeast Asia
Governmental Affairs
Bharat Mehra EBSCO Endowed Chair in Social Justice and Professor School of Library and Information Studies, College of Communication and Information Sciences Diversity & Inclusion, Intercultural Communication, Social Justice in Library & Information Science, Environmental Justice, Critical & Cross-Cultural Studies, Community Engagement, Community Informatics, Rural Libraries, Human Information Behaviors of Underserved Populations, Action Research, Qualitative Methods.
Bingqing Lu Postdoctoral Researcher Geological Sciences Hydrogeology
Brad Bates Geospatial Developer Lynker/ NOAA hydroinformatics, inundation, national water model, geospatial, developer, national water center, nwc, noaa, insurance, geography, water
Brenna Sweetman Social Scientist National Water Center social science, coastal management
Brittany Gilmer Associate Professor Criminology and Criminal Justice/Arts & Sciences Maritime crime, piracy, IUU fishing, seafarers, criminal justice reform, security, East Africa
Caitlin Hudac Assistant Professor CYDI, Psychology brain development; cognitive neuroscience
Carla L Atkinson Assistant Professor Biological Sciences ecological stoichiometry, stream ecology, climate change, conservation biology, mussels, amphibians, aquatic insects
Carlos (Gui) Becker Assistant Professor Biological Sciences Host-pathogen dynamics, climate change, land use, wildlife conservation
Charles Monroe Associate Professor Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Design for manufacture, metal casting, solidification, forging, process simulation
Christina Staudhammer Professor Biological Sciences Statistical modeling; ecological models; urban forest dynamics; eddy covariance data
Chuntian Wang Assistant Professor Mathematics Partial differential equations; partial differential equations; fluid mechanics; agent based model
Cindy Tekobbe Assistant Professor English feminisms, rhetoric, culture, memory, environmentalism, indigenous, native american
Cory Armstrong Professor Journalism and Creative Media, Communication and Information Sciences Gender, Race, and Communication Journalism Practices Media Content Media Credibility Public Opinion Severe Weather Disaster Communication
Daan Liang Professor Civil Engineering/ Engineering wind engineering, community resilience, risk modeling
David Albright Hill Crest Foundation Endowed Chair in Mental Health Research / Director of the Office for Military Families and Veterans / University Distinguished Research Professor School of Social Work Community health, mental wellbeing, military and veterans, public policy, rural health
David F. Muñoz PhD student Civil, Construction and Environment Engineering a the University of Alabama remote sensing, hydrodynamic models, flood inundation mapping, coastal hydrology, riverine and estuarine interactions
David Keellings Assistant Professor Geography/Arts and Sciences Climate, Extremes, Drought, Precipitation
Denise Hills Director Energy Investigations, Geological Survey of Alabama / PhD student Interdisciplinary Studies (Geoscience Policy) Interdisciplinary Studies (Geoscience Policy) energy-water nexus; geoscience policy; geoinformatics
Dingwen Tao Assistant Professor Computer Science High-performance computing (HPC), simulation, big data analytics, scientific computing, hydrology
Dini Adyasari Postdoctoral Geological Sciences Nutrient biochemistry, environmental microbiology, water pollution, water resources management
Dinuke Munasinghe PhD Student Geography River Deltas; Global scale sediment modeling, Floods, Remote Sensing
Drew Taylor Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering radar, digital systems, fpga, embedded systems
Elizabeth Wynn Natural Resource Specialist Geological Survey of Alabama human dimensions
Ellen Griffith Spears Associate Professor New College/Department of American Studies environmental justice; history of science, technology, and public health; polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); water pollution; social movements; race and class inequality
Evan K. Wujcik Assistant Professor Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Advanced Nanomaterials; Nanosensors; Polymers; Nanofibers; Electrospinning
Feng Yan Assistant Professor Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Photovoltaics, Photoelectrochemical, thin film electronics
Fred Andrus Professor and Chair Geological Sciences Paleoclimatology, Stable isotope geochemistry, sclerochronology
Garrett Hopper Postdoctoral Biological Sciences Community ecology, ecosystem structure and function, conservation biology, fish, mussels
Gibran Mancus Assistant Professor College of Nursing Resilience, ecosystem based adaptation, green space, violence,
Glenn Tootle Associate Professor Civil Engineering Paleohydrology
Greg Guthrie Geologist III Geological Survey of Alabama geology, hydrology, fractured, karst, aquifers, modeling, GIS, wastewater
Greg Kubacki Assistant Professor Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Corrosion, Electrochemistry, Materials Science
Gregory Starr Professor Biological Sciences Carbon, water, energy, terrestrial ecosystems
Gregory Thompson University Distinguished Research Professor, Director of Materials Science Ph.D. Program, Director of Alabama Analytical Research Center Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Nanocrystalline metals, ultrahigh temperature ceramics, fiber processing, thin films and coatings, analytical microscopy
Hai-Dang Nguyen Assistant Professor Mathematics/A&S Applied Probability, Stochastic Processes, Optimal Control, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Biology.
Hamed Moftakhari Assistant Professor Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Coastal Hydrology; Multi-hazard Risk Analysis and Modeling; Estuarine Hydrodynamics; Flood Risk Management; Sea Level Rise Impacts; Coastal Food-Energy-Water Nexus
Hamid Moradkhani Alton N Scott Endowed Chain in Civil and Environmental Engineering/Director, Center for Complex Hydrosystems Research Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Hydrologic Data Assimilation and Ensemble Inference, Remote Sensing, Uncertainty and Risk Analysis, Drought Monitoring and Forecasting, Flood Forecasting and Inundation Modeling, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation,  Food, Energy, Water Nexus, Water Resources Management
Heath Turner Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering molecular simulations; Monte Carlo; molecular dynamics; adsorption; porous materials; fuel cells; membranes; polymers; ionic liquids; computational catalysis; thermodynamics; parallel computing
Heather Elliott Professor School of Law Administrative law, civil procedure,
Constitutional law, water law
Hee Lee Assistant Dean for Research Social Work Behavioral Health
Community-Based Participatory Research
Dissemination and Implementation Research
Health Disparities
Health Information Technology
Immigration Health Care
Mental Health
Rural Health
Environmental factors (water quality) associated with cancer health disparities
Hongxing Liu Professor Geography/A&S Remote sensing, fresh water resources, water quality, snow and ice, hydrology, coastal zone
Hyun Jin Kim Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Food-energy-water nexus, micro-scale thermal transport, phase-change heat transfer
Irem Sengul Orgut Assistant Professor of Operations Management Information Systems, Statistics, and Management Science / Culverhouse College of Business humanitarian operations, food bank, food insecurity, equity, disaster operations, nonprofit operations, healthcare, medical decision making
James Cochran Associate Dean for Research Culverhouse College of Business floods, inference, optimization, integer programming, linear models
James Harris Assistant Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering/ College of Engineering catalysis, spectroscopy, titration, characterization, infrared, zeolites
James Mixson Associate Professor History/A&S Middle Ages
James Sheehan Assistant Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering Chemical kinetic modeling. chemical reactions in supercritical fluids, in situ spectroscopy for evaluating reaction and phase behavior, reaction engineering
Jayla Blanke Ph.D. Student Geography Marine pollution, sustainability, human-environment interactions
Jeff Lozier Associate Professor Biological Sciences bumble bees, pollinators, mussels, biodiversity, population genetics
Jeffrey Carver Professor Computer Science/Engineering empirical software engineering; research software; computational science; software process; software quality
Jennifer Howeth Associate Professor Department of Biological Sciences Landscape ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, invasion biology, spatial ecology, conservation biology, limnology, ponds, lakes, wetlands, plankton, fish, turtles, food webs, disturbance, succession, species diversity
Jennifer Jolly Professor Special Education and Multiple Abilities/ College of Education gifted education; history of education; professional development; qualitative methodology
Jessica Wallace Assistant Professor Health Science sport-related concussion, athletic training, sports medicine, health disparities
Jiyoung Lee Assistant Professor Department of Journalism and Creative Media/College of Communication and Information Sciences emerging media; (mis/dis)information; online deception; risk communication; emotional communication
Johanna Engstrom Postdoctoral Research Associate Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering GIS, water resources, renewable energies, hydroclimatology, climate services
John Abbott Director, Research & Collections UA Museums Odonata, Freshwater, Entomology, Systematics, Ecology, Insects
Joni Lakin Associate Professor Educational Studies Engineering education, program evaluation, educational measurement
Joshua Millwood Ph.D. Student Biological Sciences mussel, aquatic, invertebrate, climate change
Julia Cherry Professor Biological Sciences, New College Wetland ecosystems, freshwater, marshes
Karen Bareford Sea Grant Water Resources Lead AWI, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Sea Grant
Kasra Momeni Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Additive manufacturing, computational synthesis of 2D materials, materials under extreme conditions modeling, multiscale/multiphysics modeling of materials and processes, process-microstructure-property correlation
Katherine Chiou Assistant Professor Anthropology Anthropological Archaeology, Archaeobotany, Food Inequality, Foodways, Plant Domestication, Climate Change, Sustainability
Keighobad Jafarzadegan Postdoctoral Researcher Civil Engineering Hydrologic Modeling, Regionalization, Machine Learning, Data Assimilation, Classification
Keivan Davami Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Surface Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Micro/Nano Fabrication
Kenneth Hoadley Assistant Professor Biological Sciences/Arts and Sciences Coral symbioses and climate change, algal ecophysiology, primary productivity and photosynthesis, gene expression, photo-optical properties, instrument development
Kevin Kocot Assistant Professor Biological Sciences / Arts and Sciences Invertebrate, Biodiversity, Systematics, Phylogenetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, eDNA
Kimberly Genareau Associate Professor Department of Geological Sciences/College of Arts & Sciences volcanism, volcanic ash, lightning
Kody George Graduate Student School of Law
Leigh Terry Assistant Professor Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering/ College of Engineering Drinking water treatment, environmental engineering, biological filtration, source water,
Lina Pu Assistant Professor Computer Science Cybersecurity, deep learning-enabled wireless networking, edge computing, sustainable Internet of Things, wireless and underwater networking
Lingyan Kong Assistant Professor Human Nutrition/Human Environmental Sciences Food Science, Biopolymers, Food Hydrocolloids, Carbohydrate Polymers, Nanofibers, Human Nutrition
Lisa Davis Associate Professor Geography/Arts & Sciences geomorphology, sediment, floods
Lokendra Rathore Ph.D. Student Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Maddie McCutcheon Graduate Student Biological Sciences Biodiversity, Invertebrate, Taxonomy, Conservation
Marco Bonizzoni Associate Professor Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry chemical analysis, pattern recognition, fingerprinting, salt water, optical methods
Margaret Kim Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Remote sensing, LiDAR, Millimeter and THz wave, Compact Polarimetry sensing system, Metamaterials, Quantum sensing
Mark Cheng Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering/ College of Engineering sensors, internet-of-things (IoT), microsystem, system integration.
Mark Elliott Associate Professor Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering water quality, wastewater, drinking water
Matthew Hudnall Assistant Professor Information Systems, Statistics, and Management Science / College of Business Data analytics, systems development, data security, cyber security, GIS
Matthew Jenny Associate Professor Department of Biological Sciences/College of Arts & Sciences Functional genomics
Environmental and ecological toxicology
Climate change
Matthew Lefevor Assistant Professor Geography Human-environment interactions, agriculture, watershed management, environmental history, Mexico, Caribbean
Matthew S. VanDyke Assistant Professor Department of Advertising and Public Relations, College of Communication and Information Sciences Environmental Communication; Science Communication; Risk Communication; Public Relations; Message Testing; Public Engagement; Water; Climate Change
Matthew Therrell Professor Geography/A&S tree rings, dendrochronology, paleoclimate, drought, flooding, archaeology
Matthias Kaminski Assistant Professor Physics Hydrodynamics, Theoretical Physics, Numerical Models
Michael Price Professor Economics, Finance, and Legal Studies/Culverhouse College of Business behavioral economics, field experiments, water and energy conservation, technology adoption
Milad R. Esfahani Assistant Professor Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Functionalized membrane separations for sustainable water and energy production;
Water purification and desalination;
Nanomaterials environmental safety;
Min Xu Graduate Research Assistant Geography/Arts & Sciences Remote sensing, inland water quality, harmful algal blooms
Mojdeh Rasoulzadeh Assistant Professor Mathematics Groundwater flow modeling, karst aquifers, highly heterogeneous porous media, vuggy fractured porous media
Mukesh Kumar Associate Professor Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Hydrology, Water Resources, Ecohydrology, Snow Hydrology, Hydrologic Modeling, Hydrodynamic Modeling, GIS.
Mustafa Morsy Professor Biology, University of West Alabama plant-fungal interaction, crop productivity, mycoviruses,
Myoungkyu Lee Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Fluid dynamics, wall-bounded turbulence, high-performance computing, complex fluid flows
Natasha Dimova Associate Professor Geological Sciences Coastal hydrogeology, sediment transport, nitrogen cycle, groundwater, surface water, radioisotopes
Nate Jones Assistant Professor Biological Sciences/ College of Arts and Sciences Hydrology, Water Quality, Stream and Wetland Restoration, Environmental Tracers, Geospatial Analysis, Hydrologic Modeling
Nathan Jeong Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Eng/Engineering Smart wireless sewer sensor network, monitoring sewer flow, combined sewer overflow, under-ground wireless communication, radio system and antenna, wireless communication, and electromagnetic interference
Nicholas Magliocca Assistant Professor Geography land-use change, agent-based modeling, coupled natural-human systems
Nick Tew State Geologist and Research Professor Dept. of Geological Sciences, Geological Survey of Alabama Sedimentary basin analysis, stratigraphy and sedimentology, groundwater hydrogeology, geoscientific input into water policy development, petroleum
Nishani Moragoda Graduate Student Geography Climate change, sediment flux dynamics, global scale modeling
Patrick Kung Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering optoelectronics, semiconductor nanomaterials, device integration
Peyman Abbaszadeh Postdoc Research Associate Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering hydrologic modeling, data assimilation
Phillip Harris Professor Biological Sciences Ichthyology, malacology, taxonomy, phylogenetics, phylogenomics, biodiversity, biodiversity collections, genomics, transcriptomics, population genetics, conservation genetics, conservation
Prabhakar Clement Professor Civil/environmental/ Engineering Groundwater, hydrology, oil spill, environmental engineering, bioremediation, numerical modeling, MODFLOW, reactive transport, water treatment, wastewater treatment
Proloy Deb Postdoctoral Researcher Department of Civil, Construction and Envrionmental Engineering Hydrologic models, climate change, crop models
Pushpendra Raghav Research Scholar Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Hydrological Modeling, Remote Sensing, Big Data Analysis, Climate Change, Statistical Downscaling, World Water Resources.
Qiang Huang Assistant Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Engineering, Materials Science, Sensor
Rachel Cajigas Assistant Professor Department of Anthropology archaeology, geoarchaeology, ancient agriculture, irrigation canals, ancient water management systems
Ransome Eke Assistant Professor Health Science Epidemiology, research design, data analysis and study implementation
Rebecca Bearden Biologist Geological Survey of Alabama hydrology, hydrogeology, biodiversity
Rebecca Totten Assistant Professor Geological Sciences sea level, glaciers, Antarctica, storms, floods, eutrophication, diatoms, foraminifera, sedimentology, geochemistry, Gulf of Mexico, Mobile Bay, Weeks Bay
Riley Lovejoy PhD Student Biological Sciences Invasion, Ecology, Community, Zooplankton, Phytoplankton
Rob Morgan Professor Marketing Commercialization
Robert Batson Professor Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Applied Statistics, Applied Probability, Linear and Integer Programming; Economic Analysis
Rona J. Donahoe Professor Geological Sciences/A&S Geochemistry, Trace Elements, Water Quality, Contamination, Remediation, Soils, Sediments, Clays, Iron Oxyhydroxides, Zeolites, Emerging Contaminants, Carbon Sequestration
Ruigang Wang Associate Professor Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering/College of Engineering materials chemistry; electron microscopy; catalyst; water purification; energy storage and conversion materials; ceramics.
Ryan Earley Associate Professor Biological Sciences/A&S fish, mangrove, crater lakes, behavior, pollutants
Ryan Summers Assistant Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering Metabolic Engineering, Synthetic Biology, Biocatalysis, Industrial Microbiology, Biotechnology
Saahastaranshu Bhardwaj Assistant Professor Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Multi-hazard evaluation, Large-scale testing, Behavior of steel and composite structures, Space structures / extra-terrestrial habitats, Special structures (e.g., Nuclear power plants)
Sagy Cohen Associate Professor Geography River, Modeling, Remote Sensing
Samit Roy Professor AEM/COE desalination
Sasha Greenspan Postdoc Biological Sciences amphibian, disease, global change, climate warming, chytridiomycosis
Scott Parrott Associate Professor Journalism & Creative Media media, news, journalism, science communication, health communication
Scott Spear Admin. Director Remote Sensing Center ionic liquids, cellulose, polymer composites, polypyrrole
Sean Amini Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Sustainability, energy efficiency
Semih Olcmen Professor AEM/COE fluid mechanics
Sergei Gleyzer Assistant Professor Physics and Astronomy Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Physics
Shahriar Habib Graduate Student Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Surface Chemistry, Membrane, Water Treatment
Shanlin Pan Full Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry clean energy, sensing, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, optical spectroscopy
Silvana Croope Resilience Research Engineering Alabama Transportation Policy Research Center resilience, security, sustainability, technology, policy, flooding, extreme weather
Stephen Ritchie Associate Professor Chemical & Biological Engineering membrane; functionalized materials; adsorption; catalysis; separations
Stephan Yan Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering novel antenna, phased array, ultra-wideband radars, remote sensing, radar signal processing, RF/microwave circuit designs, sensor platform integration and optimization
Steven Lazarus Professor Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences/Florida Tech wind lidar, roughness, gigantic jets (lightning), wind downscaling
Steven Polunsky Director Alabama Transportation Policy Research Center Transportation
Steven Weinman Assistant Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering/Engineering Surface chemistry; Surface Patterning; Water treatment; Membrane fouling
Tibor Szilvási Assistant Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering Computational catalysis, computational material design, energy storage, interfacial phenomena, sensors, soft matter, surface science
Travis Atkison Assistant Professor Computer Science Cyber Security; Control System Security; Transportation Infrastructure Security; Water Systems Security; Software Assurance; Software Engineering; Digital Forensics; Network Security; Threat Avoidance; Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Information Retrieval
Tyler Hodges Assistant Professor Biological Sciences Applied and environmental microbiology Microbial biomolecules Marine Microbiology Bio-based molecules in polymeric materials and coatings Ecology and applications of bacteriophage
Wanyun Shao Assistant Professor Geography/Arts and Sciences voluntary flood insurance purchase behavior, support for flood mitigation, perceptions of floods, attitudes towards climate change and extreme weather
Wesley Neely PhD Student Biological Sciences amphibian, reptile, ecology, microbiomes, chytrid, disease
William Andreen Edgar L. Clarkson Professor of Law School of Law Administrative law, climate change, environmental law, international environmental law, water management, water pollution law
Xiaoyan Hong Associate Professor Computer Science Computer privacy, computer security, mobile networks
Yang Liu PhD Student Geography Remote Sensing, GIS, Water, Kalman Filter.
Yu Gan Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Biomedical imaging, Biomedical image processing
Yuehan Lu Associate Professor Geological Sciences Biogeochemistry; Organic Geochemistry; Hydrology
Zhe Jiang Assistant Professor Computer Science / College of Engineering Data Science, Spatial Data Mining, Spatiotemporal Data Mining,