AWI Research Support

The Alabama Water Institute is committed to support all faculty and researchers in their endeavors. The programs and initiatives listed below serve to further these goals.


Proposal Support Services

The AWI team offers a variety of services for proposal support to its affiliated faculty. These include but are not limited to: budget support, editorial support, graphic support and many more. The brochure linked below shows in detail all services offered.

AWI Proposal Support Brochure


AWI Pilot Bridge Program

The AWI Pilot Bridge program seeks to support faculty engaged in water research who are submitting external federal grants and would benefit from institute support in order to resubmit their proposal submissions. Deadlines to apply: June 30, October 30 and February 28 of each year. For further information, please look at guidelines provided below:

AWI Bridge Program Guidelines

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AWI Research Funds Support

The Alabama Water Institute is committed to supporting its affiliated faculty in their research activities. Below are the criteria and instructions for requesting funds. Requests are not guaranteed to be funded, therefore do not make purchases related to the request before receiving funding notification. All state and UA purchasing guidelines and policies will have to be followed. Requests can be submitted for equipment support, publication support and travel support.

AWI Research Funds Support Guidelines

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