Effort Reporting

As a reminder, individuals with 12 month appointments do not have separate Summer certifications and, therefore, only have Spring and Fall effort reports with certification periods of 1/1-6/30 and 7/1-12/31.

If the effort distribution reflected on an effort report is inaccurate for the period of certification, please make corrections by following the procedures, Procedures for Correcting Effort Reports, below.

Why certify Effort?

Effort Reporting is required by sponsoring agencies and provides assurance that:

  1. Salaries charged to sponsored projects are reasonable in relation to the work performed.
  2. Faculty and staff have met their commitments to sponsored projects.

ERS (Effort Reporting System)

Click here to enter ERS. The University’s Web-based system for certifying effort can be accessed from the myBama portal using your CWID and password.

Procedures for Correcting Effort Reports

  1. Online correction of effort reports is now available in ERS.
  2. Make the appropriate changes to Effort Actuals within the certification form and click Submit.
  3. Attach documentation (copy of PA or retro PA, etc..) to the Effort report or add the electronic PA (ePA) document reference number to the comments along with any information regarding your changes (e.g. “Please see superseding PA dated 2/23/16 or ePA document reference number 499829.”. These PAs/ePAs must be processed as normal through Payroll.
  4. If corrections are needed that involve a grant that is not listed on the effort report, please include the necessary documentation and note this in the comments section.  Fix the percentage for other grants listed and include the percentage for the added grant in with the non-sponsored activity.
  5. Click Accept once comments and attachments are saved.


For any questions concerning effort, please email Darlene Burkhalter or call 348-3135.