Contracts for Administrators

Who initiates a sponsored research agreement (SRA)?

  • When a sponsor wants to fund research, an SRA is needed. This typically happens when a sponsor has contacted a member of our research faculty regarding their area of research. Upon contact and learning of a sponsor’s interest in working with the University, please contact the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP). The PI will work through the Scope of Work (Statement of Work) with the sponsor, and the actual contract will be negotiated by the Office for Sponsored Programs.

When is an SRA Required?

  • If a sponsor is transferring money to the University and the University is performing a service or transferring a deliverable to the sponsor, typically there will be an expectation on the part of the sponsor regarding intellectual property rights (IP) and reports to be delivered by the University. No work may be started prior to executing a sponsored research agreement.
  • If you are approached by a sponsor and the sponsor wants to enter a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement prior to discussing a project.
  • If you receive a Purchase Order from a sponsor, it must be reviewed by OSP.
  • If you are working on an SBIR/STTR proposal.

How are SRA’s processed?

  • When a PI begins discussions with a sponsor, the PI should contact the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) contract and grant specialist assigned to their area.
  • The contract will be negotiated by OSP. This may involve a collaborative review by the Office for Compliance and the Office for Tech Transfer.
  • Once the contract has been negotiated, it will be signed by an individual who has been granted signature authority for the University by the Board of Trustees for The University of Alabama.
  • When the contract is signed, the PI and other administration will be notified and the contract will be processed and sent to Contract and Grant Accounting to have the account set up.

Who should I contact at OSP if I have questions?

  • Your contract and grant specialist, (205) 348-5152, or you can contact Lauren Wilson, J.D. at (205) 348-7812,