Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Cyber Initiative has created a working group for those interested in research on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning or the applications of those technologies to research problems in other domains. The working group meets bi-weekly.

This page contains a list of researchers at UA who have interests in Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning. Below is the list of researchers affiliated with the AI/ML Working Group. To become affiliated with the AI/ML efforts within the Cyber Initiative and have your information added to this list, please complete the online registration form.

For questions or more information, please contact Jeffrey Carver.

Currently Affiliated Members


Name Title Department/Unit Summary of AI/ML Research Interests Application Domains
David L. Albright Hill Crest Endowed Chair School of Social Work Application of AI/ML to behavioral healthcare Healthcare
Brendan Ames Assistant Professor Mathematics Theoretical analysis of model problems for ML and optimization algorithms for AI/ML Cluster analysis, Classification; Image and Signal Processing
Travis Atkison Associate Professor Computer Science AI/ML for multiple prediction and identification problems Cyber Security; Transportation Infrastructure; Image Analysis; Information Retrieval; Software Engineering
Marco Bonizzoni Associate Professor Chemistry & Biochemistry ML for pattern recognition in chemical analysis Analytical Chemistry
Brian C. Britt Associate Professor Advertising & Public Relations
Rebecca K. Britt Associate Professor Journalism & Creative Media Network analysis, extracting and analyzing data sets and using text analysis and unsupervised topic modeling Healthcare
Mark Cheng Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering AL/ML algorithms for wearable sensors and IoT (internet of things) applications Wearable Sensors; Biomedical Microdevices, IoT Sensing
Yuanyuan Chen Assistant Professor Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science Data sharing/ownership issues with AI development and use City Management; Automatic Cars
Stephen Clipper Assistant Professor Criminology and Criminal Justice AI/ML for criminal justice process decision-making Pretrial Release; Sexually-Based Offense Recidivism
Sagy Cohen Associate Professor Geography Developing ML models for hydrological applications Hydrology; Geomorphology; Remote Sensing
Eric Courchesne Geospatial Services Manager Geography AI/ML for road planning to make communities more equitable, healthier, and safer Community Planning
Christian Cousin Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering ML for estimation of dynamics in closed-loop adaptive control of robotics Human-robot Interaction; Robotics; Exoskeletons
Andrew Raffo Dewar Professor Interdisciplinary Arts Interested in applying AI to non-linear decision-making and sonic interaction for real-time music making Music
Joshua Eyer Associate Research Professional Alabama Life Research Institute AI/ML for sexual and gender minority health, mental health, behavioral health, and healthcare systems Healthcare
Nickolas Freeman Associate Professor Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science ML for detecting sex trafficking activity Sex Trafficking
Sergei Gleyzer Assistant Professor Physics ML for large-scale data in high-energy physics and astrophysics High-Energy Particle Physics; Astrophysics; Quantum Machine Learning
Jaiqi Gong Associate Professor Computer Science Neural Architecture Search, Optimal Transport Theory, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Human-Centered AI Smart and Connected Health; AI in Education; Cyber-Physical Systems; Internet of Things; Water-Transportation-Health Nexus
Jeff Gray Professor Computer Science, Director of Randall Research Scholars Interdisciplinary collaboration for faculty seeking Randall Research Scholars in ML/AI N/A
Sevgi Zubeyde Gurbuz Assistant Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering AI/ML enabled radar systems and fully-adaptive, physics-aware ML algorithms for multi-modal human cyber physical systems RF Sensing; American Sign Language; Health; Automotive Sensing
Jiaze He (Jason) Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics Deep learning to address the inverse problem of ultrasonic scanning and reconstruction Medical Imaging
Fei Hu Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering AI/ML for advanced wireless networks and cyber security Wireless Networks; Cyber Security
Erik Johnson Assistant Professor Economics AI/ML to analyze cities and buildings Urban Economics; Real Estate
Ryan Johnson Postdoctoral Researcher Alabama Water Institute AI/ML to support water resource operations and management Water Management; Hydrology
Eyun-Jung Ki Professor Advertising & Public Relations AI/ML for emotional wellbeing mobile apps Healthcare; Emotional Wellbeing
Margaret Kim Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering AI/ML for photonics/electronics device design, Imaging and sensing, nondestructive testing application LIDAR; THz Imaging; Photonic/electronic Device Design; Underwater Imaging
Jiyoung Lee Assistant Professor Journalism & Creative Media How AI is used to manipulate public opinion, reinforce bias, or inform decision-making Mis/disinformation; Media Effects; Social Media; Health Behaviors
Myoungkyu Lee Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics AI/ML for understanding the physics of turbulent flows with reduced order representation. AI/ML for operator regression in partial differential equations Fluid dynamics, Heat transfer
Dawen Li Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering AI/ML to enhance yield and productivity in manufacturing of thin-film solar cells and modules Solar Cells
Lin Li Associate Professor Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Computational material and mechanics and data-driven models in advanced material development and manufacturing Multicomponent/Multiphase Material Design; Material Mechanics
Abhay Lidbe Associate Research Engineer Alabama Transportation Institute ML for transportation data Transportation
Jun Liu Assistant Professor Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering ML and Deep Learning to understand transportation systems, detect objects in traffic videos, and prediction/explanation of relationships Transportation
Nathan Loewen Associate Professor Religious Studies Natural language processing to quantitatively analyze trends and gaps in philosophy of religion scholarship Religion
Steven MacCall Associate Professor School of Library & Information Science ML for feature extraction from digital texts, videos, and still image collections for semantic indexing Cultural Heritage
Volodymyr Melnykov Professor Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science Developing model-based clustering methods for categorical sequences, time series, networks, and text data Classification; Cluster Analysis; Semi-supervised Clustering; Visualization
Kasra Momeni Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering AI/ML for materials discovery and design 2D Materials
Jewoong Moon Assistant Professor Instructional Technology AI/ML to build evidence-based learning assessment and adaptive learning system architecture Education
Sameer B. Mulani Associate Professor Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics AI/ML for optimization and uncertainty quantification of multidisciplinary systems, especially aircraft systems Aircraft Systems
Hai-Dang Nguyen Assistant Professor Mathematics Mathematical analysis of ML models, stochastic approximation and their applications to optimization algorithms for AI/ML, stochastic control, Markov decision processes Reinforcement Learning; Classification; Clustering; Networked Systems; Consensus; Mean-field Systems
Lina Pu Assistant Professor Computer Science AL/ML in IoT, including reinforcement learning assisted network scheduling and edge computing for IoT. IoT; Computer Vision for Smart Construction
Xinwu Qian Assistant Professor Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering ML for traffic state prediction and system operation of shared mobility services Transportation; Traffic; Autmotive
Mizanur Rahman Assistant Professor Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering AI/ML predictive analytics for transportation-related applications, such as automated vehicle perception, traffic behavior, and transportation cyber security Automated/Connected Vehicles; Driver Behavior; Cyber Security
Edward Sazonov Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering AI/ML in behavioral health informatics Healthcare; Health Informatics; Wearable Sensors
Qin Wang Associate Professor Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science Dimensionality reduction for big data through statistical learning approaches Public Health; Neuroimaging; Healthcare
Jeri E. Wieringa Assistant Professor Religious Studies Natural language processing and unsupervised classification for exploring historical documents at scale and tracking shifts in historical discourse History; Religious Studies; Text Technologies
Hwan-Sik Yoon Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering ML for automotive and transportation control systems Automotive Engineering; Transportation Systems Engineering
Shan Zhao Professor Mathematics AI/ML for biomolecular modeling, protein-protein interaction, and protein ligand docking Molecular Biology; Biophysics
Xuwen Zhu Assistant Professor Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science Unsupervised learning of categorical sequences, time series, tensor, and text data; Predictive modeling Transportation; Mass spectrometry; Healthcare Analytics; Social Science; Education