Office for Research & Economic Development at GulfQuest

GulfQuest is the research satellite office for the Office for Research and Economic Development (ORED) housed in Mobile, Alabama.  The mission of GulfQuest is to develop strong partnerships with external stakeholders located in and around the Mobile area and South Alabama with the dual goal to increase the number of partnerships and sponsored projects for the University, and create career opportunities for UA students and alumni in South Alabama.

The Business Engagement and Research Operations Manager at GulfQuest is Dana George.  Ms. George directs and leads GulfQuest and serves as a scientific and research liaison between ORED, external stakeholders, and college, centers and institutes within The University of Alabama.

The launch of GulfQuest in February 2019 is aligned with ORED’s five-year strategic plan and specifically Theme #5 titled, “Economic and Business Engagement.”

GulfQuest in the News

June 25th 2019: With Key Leader in Place, UA Ready to Strengthen Ties with Mobile Area (UA News)

Potential partners should contact Dana George at:

Physical Address

201 GulfQuest
155 South Water Street, Mobile, AL 36602