Office for Proposal Development

Office for Proposal Development

The Office for Proposal Development (OPD) is committed to serving research faculty at The University of Alabama seeking support with grant proposals. The OPD focuses on helping UA faculty produce high quality research proposals that meet the needs of the campus, community, state and beyond. Please see our proposal development services for ways that OPD can help UA faculty and researchers with proposal development support.

Our office works closely with the Office for Research Development (ORD). The ORD assists faculty with locating funding opportunities, limited submissions, internal funding programs, workshops and networking sessions.

Helpful Tips to Get You Started on Your Proposal

If you have an idea or interest:

  • Talk to your Associate Dean for Research about your idea.
  • Look at different agency websites and see whose mission best aligns with your research interests.
  • Get together a white paper to share with a program officer.
  • Schedule a time to discuss your white paper with a program officer.
  • If you would like a face to face meeting with a program officer, contact the Office for Proposal Development to get on the D.C. flight. (See D.C. Flight tab for details)

If you see an RFA or RFP you would like to submit to:

  • Contact your grant specialist in the Office for Sponsored Programs and let them know you plan to submit. Your grant specialist will help with the following.
    • Application process
    • Budget development
    • Provide up-to-date policy and guideline¬†information.
  • If you need supplemental services for your proposal (editing, graphics, letters of support, proposal review, etc.) contact the Office for Proposal Development.
  • OPD offers sample proposals to various federal agencies. If you would like to see an example of a successful grant proposal, please contact Lanna Nations. Sample proposals will be shared with UA faculty by request only.