Grant Writing Boot Camp

The Office for Proposal Development offers a grant writing boot camp for faculty who are ready to take their research idea and develop a white paper to discuss potential funding opportunities with a program officer.

This course is taught over a three day period from 8:00 AM to noon. During this course, faculty learn how to research funding agencies and identify whether their research endeavors align with the mission of the agency ; how to read through an RFP/RFA, and develop a white paper that will be reviewed by a mock panel consisting of Associate Deans for Research at UA, prior to being discussed with a program officer. Faculty who are interested in this workshop should contact their Associate Dean for Research.

How to Speak with a Program Officer

Led by Dr. John C. Higginbotham, Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development, this workshop provides guidance to research faculty on how and when to communicate with funding agency program officers. Sometimes communicating with a program officer can be intimidating. It can also be difficult to interpret the bureaucratic language. This workshop will cover these topics and many more.

Grant Writing Mentor Program

The primary focus of this program is on National Institutes of Health (NIH) extramural funding mechanisms and opportunities, particularly career development and research (R-series) awards. Historically, this program has provided an opportunity for talented young faculty engaged in research to learn about proposal development and revision, as well as award establishment, implementation, and management at The University of Alabama. This program takes place over the course of ten weeks, meeting twice a month and consists of writing and re-writing components for a pending submission, along with the mentoring involvement and commitment. Faculty interested in this program should contact their Associate Dean for Research.