Research Center and Institute Policies and Procedures

  • Research Center and Institute Designation Policy
  • Procedures
    • Annual Report Submission
      • Research Center and Institute Directors will submit an annual report on or before July 1st to the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. These reports are important in documenting Research Center and Institute activity, collaboration, funding, outreach, honors/awards, and appropriate dissemination of research through publications and presentations. These reports also ensure compliance with Board of Trustees Rule 503, which requires periodic reviews for all Board approved centers and institutes. Research Centers and Institutes reporting to a College or School should submit through the appropriate Dean.  If appropriate, Center and Institute Directors should work with their Associate Deans for Research to have their annual reports reviewed by the Dean in time to submit to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development by the July 1st deadline.
    •  Annual Report Format
      •  To ensure consistency and completeness in reporting, annual reports should address each relevant element included in the Annual Report Format and may also include other elements unique to the individual Research Center or Institute.