Biological Safety Program

The University of Alabama has an institutional biological safety program established to ensure that all research, testing and teaching activities involving the use of biohazardous materials and the facilities used to conduct such work are in compliance with all external regulations and applicable University policies.  Applicable regulations and guidelines include but not limited to:

  • National Institutes of Health Guidelines for Recombinant DNA Research
  • Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories, 5th edition

The University of Alabama reserves the right and the obligation to impose additional terms and conditions on investigators who conduct research or testing or engage in teaching activities that involve microorganisms harmful to humans, animals, or the environment.

The most current version of the University of Alabama Biological Safety Manual is maintained on the EHS website.


Institutional Biological Safety Committee:

The Institutional Biological Safety Committee (IBC) was originally established in order to conform to National Institute of Health (NIH) guidelines. The IBC is now involved in the oversight of all projects involving infectious agents and recombinant DNA. The responsibilities of the IBC are: to review the use of Risk Groups (RG), including RG 1 and RG 2 biohazardous agents; to review and approve the use of RG 3 agents; to select agents and recombinant DNA; to review the Biological Safety Program annually to determine if the program is effective and compliant with regulations; to advise the Institutional Biological Safety Officer (IBSO) and support the biological safety program; to assist the IBSO with enforcement of regulations and guidelines; and to advise the Vice President for Research.


IBC Meeting and Deadline Schedule:

Meetings of the IBC are scheduled on the first Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise arranged

IBC Meeting Date

Submission Deadline

12/3/19 11/15/19
1/7/19 12/15/19
2/4/20 1/15/18
3/3/20 2/15/20
4/7/20 3/15/20
5/5/20 4/15/20
6/2/20 5/15/20
7/7/20 6/15/20
8/4/20 7/15/20
9/8/20 8/15/20
10/6/20 9/15/20
11/3/20 10/15/20



For information on the required training, contact Cynthia Rodenburg, Biological Safety Officer, at 348-5941.

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