Limited Submissions

Funding agencies (sponsors) sometimes place limits on the number of letters of intent, pre-proposals or proposals that any one university may submit in response to a funding opportunity announcement (commonly referred to as a Request for Proposals – RFP). The following policy is designed to support an equitable review process while preventing any submission disqualifications due to submissions from The University of Alabama beyond the allowed number.

Missing Announcements: Despite the best efforts of OSP, not every funding opportunity may be identified. Anyone who wishes to apply to a limited submission opportunity that is not posted below should email Angie Shotts with the PI’s name, name of the grant competition, and a link to the program announcement.

The contact for inquires, pre-proposal submissions, and all other communication related to external limited submission funding opportunities is Angie Shotts.

Go to the UA InfoReady Review site for the list of open competitions and to submit a pre-proposal. Your MyBama login will be required to access the full internal announcement and submission information.

Click here to view the InfoReady Applicant Guide.

Limited Submission Grant Application Policy

Pre-Proposal Formatting Requirements

All pre-proposals must be formatted with one-inch margins, single spaced, with 11 pt. font. Appendices should not be included with pre-proposals. The pre-proposal components are:

1. Project Summary & Overview, 3-pages

    • Address the specific announcement within the 3 pages. Pre-proposals are reviewed based on the review criteria and program components detailed in the solicitation.
    • Include the estimated total.
      • A line-item budget and justification are not required.
      • The estimated total should indicate that F&A has been included.
    • References Cited are not required.
  • 2. PI’s CV and list of co-PIs
    • 2-page maximum per CV.
    • No formatting requirement.
    • One additional CV for a UA co-PI may be added. Additional CVs should not be included.
    • If applicable, include a list of UA and external co-PIs who have committed to collaborating on the proposal. No page limit.
    • If applicable, include a list of collaborators that will be explored if selected for a full submission. No page limit.

Open RFIs and Pre-Proposal Competitions

A list of open Request for Interest (RFIs) and internal Pre-Proposal competitions can be found on the InfoReady Website. You will need your myBama login and password to submit to an open competition. Pre-Proposal requirements are specified within each open competition.

Most pre-proposal competitions will ask for the information and items listed below. Applicants should review the specific internal announcement (by clicking on the link to the announcement) to determine if additional information is requested.

  1. Online entry of PI information: PI email, department, Associate Dean for Research and Department Chair and email addresses for the ADR and Chair.
  2. Proposal Title: considered a draft title at this stage in the process.
  3. Two separate documents. Documents may be uploaded in Word, Excel, and/or PDF.
    • Project Summary and Overview (3 pages maximum, single spaced) that:
      • Addresses the specific announcement
      • Includes the total amount requested
        • Line items and a budget justification should not be included
      • References Cited are not required at this stage
    • The PI’s CV
      • 2-page maximum
      • No formatting requirement
      • one (1) addition CV for a UA co-PI may be added (optional)
        • additional CVs should not be included

Documents may be uploaded in Word, Excel, and/or PDF.

Go to the UA InfoReady Review site for the list of open competitions and to submit a pre-proposal.

Click here to view the InfoReady Applicant Guide.

Contact Angie Shotts for additional information and inquiries about UA’s procedures.