Research News Listserv

The Research News Listserv is a tool for distributing important research related information directly to interested faculty and staff of The University of Alabama in an efficient and timely manner.  The Listserv will be used only on a limited basis and for information with broad applicability to the University’s researchers and research support staff.  Examples of message topics for this group include major changes at common funding agencies (for example, NIH and NSF), training opportunities, and other internal and external announcements that are pertinent to those involved in research activities.

The Research News listserv does not have a reply function so it will not be possible for members to send messages to the group.  By disabling the reply function and limiting the number of messages distributed, participation in the Listserv should not fill your inbox with unnecessary emails.

Initial membership includes all full-time faculty.  Any employee of the University may opt- in or opt -out of receiving emails at any time.   We encourage all employees who are involved in the preparation of proposals and/or award management to join this email group.

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If you have questions, please Sydney Palmer.