ORED Internal Funding Programs – Award Reporting

The ORED Internal Funding Programs (RGC and Small Grant Program) annual and final reports are submitted through an online form. Please see the link below. Unless an extension is approved by the Vice President for Research and Economic Development (VPRED), the annual and final reports are due 90 days after award expiration.

Reports have three components:

  • Outcome data: This information is entered directly into the online form and is used for reporting the outcomes of the entire RGC program. Project Deliverables include, but are not limited to, publications, exhibitions, performances, conference presentations, proposal submissions, and awards from external agencies or foundations.
  • The summary report: A written overview of all aspects of the project. Additional information is detailed below.
  • Required Deliverables: A copy of one or more of the completed Deliverables.

Annual Reports (Level 2 – Collaborative Projects only)

Annual reports are submitted for Level 2 – RGC Collaborative Projects only and must address the Expectations and Required Deliverables for a Level 2 project as described in the RGC Proposal Instruction Manual from the award year. Annual reports should reflect the activities from May to May. For example, the first annual report for a 2015 Level 2 awardee will describe activities from May 2015 – May 2016.

The annual report must include:

  • A synopsis of the proposed project.
  • An overview of the recent activities.
  • A detailed explanation of the progress to meet the Expectations and Required Deliverables as described in the RGC Proposal Instruction Manual from the award year.

Final Reports (All ORED Internal Funding awardees)

The reporting period for final reports is the start date of the award through the submission of the report. For example, the reporting period for a 2014 award is May 2014 – August 2016. Final reports are generally 1 – 2 pages. For Small Grant Program awardees, the start date is January 1. Final reports are due March 31 following the 2 year award period.

Final reports must include:

  • A synopsis of the proposed project.
  • The outcomes that were expected at the time of submission.
  • A summary of the scholarly activities/research completed.
  • A description of how the project resulted in either furthering the research or scholarship mission of the University of Alabama and the faculty member, and/or resulted in additional extramural support.
  • Details on completed and anticipated Required Deliverables such as exhibitions, publications, presentations, performances, external submissions, awards, etc. as described in the RGC Proposal Instruction Manual from the awarding year should be detailed in the report.

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For more information, please contact Charlotte Nix at 348-7079, cnix@ua.edu.