Internal Coordination Sheet-Electronic Routing

The University of Alabama uses a web-based system, GrantsERA, for routing of sponsored project application approvals and certifications and for submission and award tracking and reporting.

Electronic Internal Coordination/Routing Sheet

  1. PI Name
  2. Sponsor
  3. Project Title
  4. Planned Start and End Dates
  5. Total
  • You will be informed when your proposal routing has been initiated and that you should log into GrantsERA to complete the routing sheet.  For information regarding your GrantsERA login, contact Sydney Palmer at
  • Your Grant Specialist will then review and edit your routing sheet, select the appropriate approvers (including you as PI) and initiate approval routing.
  • PI/Co-PI approvals document certification of the accuracy of the proposal and compliance with certain federal rules and University policies. Other approvals (e.g. Department Chair, Dean) document approval of submission of the proposal. Each approver will receive an email indicating that an application requires approval and will log into GrantsERA to approve.  A list of other approvers and the approval status of each will also appear.


Paper Internal Coordination Sheet


  • For help with accessing GrantsERA and the Internal Coordination/Routing form, please contact Sydney Palmer,, 348-0894.  For questions about the information to be provided in the form or for help with your proposal, please contact your Grant Specialist.